Year ago – London Calling II

Ofcourse London is not only (really?;-) about food but also places. Here’s a pick form the ones I have visited this time

Chapter 2: Places (and surprises)

The Wapping
Old power station of even older printing facility. Once each and every London newspaper was printed right here . Today The Wapping stays as an art gallery (it was pure accident but when I visited the place there was an exhibition of Polish artist, Marta Michałowska), restaurant and bar. In the eating part tables and chairs (by Vitra) are standing among old strange machines looking like some bizzare art pieces. The restaurant is using Iittala pantry and cutlery which works here very well. The Wapping sibling lace is Warsaw’s  Między Nami  from Bracka.

The Wapping Project (www)
Wapping Hydraulic Power Station
Wapping Wall
London, E1W 3SG

Here’s a reviewof the restaurant in The Wapping Project

Restaurant having something from a Maxican food market. Fresh, authentic ingridients straight form Latin America, origanl byt simple decor. Wahaca is an „educational” place where You can learn something about typical products and methods of their preparation.

Wahaca (www)
66 Chandos Place
Covent Garden,
London WC2N 4HG
T: +44 (0) 207 240 1883




Harrods is a must be point of every trip to London. My favourite part of the shop (because it is THE shop;-) is the gourmet zone (AKA Food Hall)  on the ground floor. Tehre is a veggie section, meat section, cheese section and SWET section lookinc like some freakin Willy Wonka choc factory.  You can easily find there products of Godivy, Leonidas, Patchi, Valhrona and others).
I like to drop to the tea room or grab a snack in a tiny counter cafe serving amazing pastries. I think that last – small cafes and bars and bistros scatter among shelfs anf frizzers is a great idea. If You dont know how to use some particular spice or cheese, the chef will not only tell but show You what to do.

The Harrod’s (www)
87–135 Brompton Road
London, SW1X 7XL




Patisserie Valerie
Small cafe looking like form Mary Poppins world, hidden ust by the Harrods building. It’s window looks like the great art masterpiece – so colorful, so tasty, so…ah, just can’t write how great. You can taste here some classics (petit four, eclaires, profiteroles..) or some designer, modern looking  cakes, decorated with folded sheets of
chocolate. And TYPICAL POLISH pączkis 🙂

Patisserie Valerie (www)
105 Merylebone High Street
London, W1u 4RS


One of the chain bistros in London – being frank my favourite. maybe becaouse before I stayed there to grab a snack I have used theirs cook book. Though is a chain cafe You don’t feel here like in McSomething. All sandwiches, wraps and salads are quite freshly made. It’s cool You can get here some soups or sets (eg. hummus with grilled tomatoes in a box) as well. My favourites: creamy leek soup with shrimps, whole grain focaccia with bucattini and falafels wrap. Other safe place to eat something during walk are E.A.T. cafes and Tossed (making salads with ingridients of your choice, including cous-cous, wilde rice or pasta)

Pret A Manger (www)


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