Meryl Streep becomes Child. Julia Child

Paramount Pictures  has just published trailer form the „Julie and Julia” movie which is based on Julia Child’s life story and Julie Powell blog and book.

Making long story short. Julie Child was an American woman living in Paris who decided to join Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. Then she writes a cooking book and becames a star of cooking shows (yes, Martha S wasn’t the first one here;-)

And here comes  Julie – a regular NY gal who decides to try each an every recipe from Child’s book (there is 524 of them!) in one year. Julie documents her high and lows on a blog and then – in a book.

And later on Ephron has decided to make a movie about both girls, stories, kitchens and books. Coming to cinemas on August 7 th (at least in US) And here’s a trailer. Ms Streep is GREAT – as always!

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  1. Carike McMahon pisze:

    Fantastic…I can hardly wait for it to hit the theaters. I will, of course have to buy the DVD. I’ve always loved Julia Child and Meryl Streep is fantastic


    1. mminta pisze:

      I can’t wait to. Especially that in Poland where I live the movie will hit the screens two months later !



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