Pizza may be healthy (for the environment, at least)

Though IMHO pizza sometimes may not fit to the „healthy eating” plan, but I am sure it is so much better than artificial soups-from-the-packet.

Thing what scares me more are stacks of pizza boxes, disposable plates and forks and knives floaing out of the trash bins after every pizza party (specially @work pizza party).

That is why the idea of Green Box really appeals me. Here it is: US Patent 7,051,919: The  Green Box. All what makes it more eco are perforations on the top and bottom parts of the package. By toring the top part along the perforations You will transform it into 4 separate plates (no forks necessary – just hold your piece of pie in your hand). If there are any pizza pieces left just transform the bottom art of the box into a smaller size box for leftovers and stuck it into your fridge. Cool, isn’t it?


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