Apple caviar please – peek into molecular cuisine

One of the most frequently technique used in moleculary cuisine is spherifictation, meaning – turning fluids in smal size balls, which are crispy on the outside and liquid inside.The result is simmilar to the capsules with vit A+E, if You wish.

So made tiny spheres are called caviar. You wish apple juice caviar? No problem.
To find out how to make beautiful apple droplets check this post on the great food blog BonBini. BonBini was created by Thip – an ex-accountant working in Bangkok (but born in SF) , who decided to became a pastry chef (meanwhile she has run a B&B on Netherlands Antilles with her husband) and who currently works in two restaurants in San Francisco).
Luckily Thip has some time to run very inspiring blog which shows that great pastry pieces of art are only a bit difficult to do 🙂


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