StripTeas – not the kind you think

Tea bags of course, or rather tea packets form the StripTeas co. We already had teabags in the shape of circle, sachets or pyramides and know You can get one which look rather like small candy bars (mostly due to silver packeking).


The StripTeas company was started by Emily Koteff, NY girl working as a marketing porfessional in big big company. In 2006 Emily left her company and started own graphic design studio. Year later she went to India and bought there some Kamelia:Luxe tea from  Mridul Tiwari. And so it has begun…

StripTeas come in different flavours (eg. with rose petals, khus root or even almonds, cardamon, cinnamon & a hint of saffron.). I am putting them on my shopping list for the next time trip to US.


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