Rhubarb Charlotte Russe

Yesterday we held the fourth meeting of the Slow Food Warsaw Convivium. And I tryuly proud to say that it all went really well (more on this in next post, I promise). Traditionally after the lecture and discussion there is time for feast. Small, but always full of real tastes and love of people who made it.  From my side I’ve decided to bring something with rhubarb. I ADORE rhubarb – those tangy, ruby red stalks, a bit sour, a bit sweet. Yum.

As I was afraid that someone else would come with the idea of rhubarb galette (so simple, so delicious, btw) I’ve decided to make a rhubarb charlotte.  So here it comes:

Ingridients (for the 20 cm spring form):
4 cups of heavy cream, chilled
1/3 cup brown sugar
0,5 kg rhubarb stalks
1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
2 packges of lady fingers
strawberry jam

Obrazek 34Clean and trim the rhubarb stalks, cut into 2 cm pieces. Put rhubarb onto pan, add suger and cook on small fire for about 15 minutes under cover. (if it will become to dry you can add some water or sweet wine).

Meanwhile prepare the form. Line the dish with plastic wrab. Set the ladyfingers around the inside of the form and lay about 12 cookies in a flower like patter at the bottom of the pan.

Beat the chilled cream with vanilla extract (some like to add some more sugar or gelatine – if you wish, please do so) Set aside to the fridge. That moment your rhubarb should be already cooked. Put it from the pan into a cold bowl and wait to chill.When cold, mix well wth whipped cream and pur into the form.
Cover with aluminium foil and put into the fridge for few hours.

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