Selling asparagus may be dangerous (if the are too pricy)


You just can not love asparagus – it obvious , isn’t it? They come once a year and You can do with them everything – grill them, bake them, steam them, eat raw…yum. So I really can understandif someone feels miserable seeing dried out stalks standing on the grocery’s counter. Or someones discomfort seeing quite highy prices of asparagus (especially in the beggining of the asparagus season). But to HIT someone because of the asparagus price? Well, personaly I wouldn’t go that far. But one German asparagus fan went.

As Reuters reports, somewhere outside Berlin a furious motorsit punched a 24-year-old woman selling vegetables, white asparagus among them. Though the police don’t say how much the woman asked for her white asparagus, bu the motorist went soo mad that he even threaten her with his dog.

„The motorist said her prices were totally over the top,” said Dietmar Keck, police spokesman in the Havelland district west of Berlin. The police is now looking for the furious motorist.

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And here’s a recipe for some easy pasta with asparagus


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