Slow Food meeting – early greens

IMG_0154_mWhat’s Slow Food? Slow Food is all about food which is good, clean and fair. Food which taste great and was made with passion and heart. In Poland we have four regional SF conviviums: in Kraków, Lódź, Poznań and Warsaw. Last Saturday (16th of May) I’ve attened the meeting of the Warsaw convivum which was dedicated to early greens (nowalijki in Polish): asparagus, salads, starwebberis, herbs, radishes etc. Each meeting of Warsaw SF consists of two parts. First is the lecture held by some expert. This time our sepcial guest was dr Ewelina Hallmann form the Warsaw Agriculture University. The second part is feast. Despite the rain and cold weather that Saturday was great – inspiring, tasty and educational. Looking forward to join the next meeting.

To find out more about the meeting click here.


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