French Aperitif and Toast for Freedom

Yesterday we have celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Liberation of Poland .  Though I am really not the anniversary-celebration type of peron and I really don’t like all those pompous, fussy and very very official gatherings and ceremonies, this time was different. All because of few Polish NGO’s and people, who really wanted to celebrate with smile adn happy toast instead of boring and sad speaches. With no politicians, with with friends and a glass of wine in hand.

I was really lucky, because before 8 P.M. when we were to make the toast , I took part in the French Aperitif – an annual event to promote French food (mainle cheeses), wine and cuisine. The venet is taking place in Le Jardin Foksal – restaurant placed in old palace just by the Nowy Swiat with huge old garden. In the atmosphere on lazy picnic I tried my favourite goat cheeses and freshly baked baquette and listened to Mr. Marek Bieńczyk talking about wine. Here are some pics frim the event (pictures from the disastrous rain which interupted us not inculded)

Frog legs in sesame seeds on chevre cheese
Frog legs in sesame seeds on chevre cheese
French food and French wine
French food and French wine
(Late) breakfast on the grass
(Late) breakfast on the grass - chevre, Le Brin and bread
Crostata with camembert and fresh tomatos
Crostata with camembert and fresh tomatos
Selection of French cheeses - bire, roulade with cranberries and herbs and chabocou
Selection of French cheeses - brie, roulade with cranberries and herbs and chabichou


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