P.S. – Pieces of Ferran Adria’s New Book

"Food for Thought, Thoght for Food" cover form Amazon.com
"Food for Thought, Thoght for Food" cover form Amazon.com

And for dessert – some pieces of Ferran Adria’s new book called „Food for Thought, Thought for Food”. If You’re curiouse about El Bulli’s Chef new book, You can check on some pages at Wallpapers* web site. The new title is looks quite simmiliar to the „A Day at El Bulli” and on the cover you’ll find Adria’s portrait created by Matt Groening – the father of The Simpson.

Here’s a book description from the Amazon.com, where it is already available for pre-order: he

„Product Description
A thought-provoking, inspiring look at artistic and gastronomic creativity through the world s most revolutionary chef, Ferran Adria (elBulli).
Ferran Adria has revolutionized the world of gastronomy and elBulli is recognized as the world’s best restaurant. So original and poetically sensible is Adria’s approach to cooking that he is considered to be the greatest „artist of the kitchen.” Food for Thought explores the essence of elBulli s creativity with hundreds of color photographs of Adria’s creations, including, for the first time ever, every single dish ever created by elBulli.
Inspired by Adria’s controversial participation in Documenta 12, this seductive volume features lively dialogue between the most potent critics and creators of the art and gastronomic worlds, including Heston Blumenthal, Bill Burford, Jerry Saltz, Massmiliano Gioni, Anya Gallaccio, Peter Kubelka, Antoni Miralda, Carsten Holler, Bice Curiger, Adrian Searle, Davide Paolini.
„Professionally, I can die after this book.” –Ferran Adria”


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