Welcome, Pear!

gruszka7First, there are strawberries. After few months of gray days and cold weather, with oranges and last year’s apples I wait for those red little ones as impatiently, as small kids wait for Christmas Eve. In highest point of my fruit desperation I buy those from Argentina or other exotic place, which only look like strawberries but taste like water (ok, red-colored, sweetened water). After obvious disappointment I try to wait for the first REAL strawberries made in Poland. And then I eat them and eat them…and wait so for the first cherries to arrive. (Beware! Digression: When I was 4 or 5 I came up with a great (or at least so had I thought) that if I will pick up unripe cherries and put them aside in a dosh, they will ripe like for example hard pears are getting softer after some time on the table. So I picked a nice bowl of cherries and put them under my desk And forgot about them absolutely. Four weeks after I made a quite interesting discovery, founding nice colony of white mold.)
Now, after straws, raspberries and apricots I awaited pears. Though the arrival of pears means, that Autumns is standing by the corner, I was really happy to find brand new, hard as rock yet sweet pears on my small market. And I have bought 3 kilos of them. So without moral dilemmas I could use them to make a moist, vanilla scented pear cake:

4 hard pears, peeled and slicedgruszka3
2-2,5 cups flour (I have used 2 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of quick oats)
150 g butter
1 cup brown sugar
3 eggs
1,5 teaspoon baking powder
1 spoon vanilla essence or beans from half of vanilla pod
1 cup natural yogurt
pumpkin or sunflower seeds to sprinkle, if you wish

Heat the oven for 180 degrees Celsius. Grease a 25 cm spring-form and cover with breadcrumbs or semolina.
Beat the butter with sugar till fluffy. Add eggs, one after one. Add vanilla essence or beans and yogurt. Sift in flour with baking powder and mix well.
Add slices of fruit and pour dough into the form. Sprinkle with some pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Bake for 45-60 minutes (check with toothpick if its OK). Cool on wire rack.

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