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Slow Box
Slow Box

For some time now I wanted to write You about a project we have run among group of food lovin’ friends and friends of the friends. It is called „slow box” , after „Slow Food” and „Box” words. The Green boxes or Organic boxes are well known in UK, US and Australia. In Poland, sadly no, especially that we hardly have any farm markets where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetable directly from the farmer who grown them. So, after one of our Slow Food Warsaw meeting we have decided to organize our own „slow box” action, so people interested could count on regular deliveries of fresh greens. Our vegetables came from the fram of Jola and Ludwik Majert , wonderful people full of  happiness, passion and knowledge of what they are doing. Each week on Thursday each participant could count on a big box full of …and this was the best part, as no-one knew what will be in particular week’s menu. So you could find arugula or fava beans or fennel or yellow beans or small zucchinis or zucchinis flower…Each time something different yet something great.

This couldn’t have happened without people who have joined the action and were keen on trying something new (in way of buying and eating;-), without Jola and Ludwik and Agnieszka and Piotr, who have allow us to use cold room in one of their places.

In this week’s issue of „Wysokie Obcasy”  you can find an article written by Agnieszka Kręglicka about our action.

Here’s the full article.

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