From the Series: Place I’d Like to Visit

Although I am not a real fan of hip molecular cuisine and I prefer food in as simple form as it is possible, where You can see and feel it real color and texture, Alinea in Chicago is a place I’d really like to visit. Maybe (or even surely) a better choice to confront with molecular cuisine would be award winning and worlwide famous Ferran Adria’s El Bulli. But there is something in Alinea which really makes me go there and visit it. Maybe it’s the fact that Grant Achatz, the Alinea’s chef, likes and does pierogi sometimes? Maybe it’s about the beauty and minuteness of dishes served there, which still look like tiny edible jewelery, not as medications? Maybe beacouse I have some irrational feeling that You’d feel in Alinea more comfortably and easy than in posh and „very famous” El Bulli?

Well, maybe someday I will write here about my experiences from Alinea. Or Heston Blumenthal’s (who I really admire for his distance, imagination and smile, and the Alice in Wonderland dishes:-) Fat Duck.

VIDEAO: Alinea/Crucial Detail – Tokyo Taste Intro from 2061wc on Vimeo.

Alinea's tasting menu
Alinea's tasting menu
Alinea's tour menu
Alinea's tour menu


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