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Pesto Manufacture
Pesto Manufacture

Recently I have been for two days in Berlin for the IFA consumer electronics show. Although I have spent most of my time in the Messe, playing, testing and admiring different toys, even short walk through the streets near the hotel makes you want to spent here whole month – because of food among other reasons. Beside many sweet cafes, bakeries, cake shops) and delis (with fresh sandwiches in or sorts of breads and rolls, big and small kuchen with streusel, cocoa with cream, granola with Greek yogurt or quark with lavender honey, yum!) you can find many small shops specializing in particular things. Traditionally made, organic breads, for example. Or honeys. Or cheeses. Or selling home made pestos. Yes – different pestos, not only the well-known basilicum, pin nuts and Grana one, but Thai one, Indian one, red one…..oh some many of them. I hope that one day you will find such small foody boutiques in Warsaw/Cracaw/ Wrocław as well. It’s my dream. I’m serious.

Organic Bakery
Organic Bakery


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