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Eat with Minta: custom designed culinary trips

Want to try the best the city has to offer? Visit the most acclaimed restaurants with the fellow foodies and culinary experts? Join us for a culinary adventure.

Taking from her experiences, professional knowledge of the hottest, most interesting and simply – most delicious places, Malgosia Minta invites you to take part in the custom designed, cameral culinary tours. Together with Malgosia, you will discover the most beloved shopping spots and typical regional ingredients, which stand for the basis of Polish cooking; you will meet artisanal food producers, visit markets, bakeries and specialty shops and try their products in the interpretation of the best chefs in town.
With experience in food tours, organized for individual people, food experts, international journalists and food writers, state organizations, boutique travel agencies as well as private gourmands we want to bring the best of Poland to gastro-tourists visiting Poland
In order to provide the best experience and address personal interests, the tours are held in small, intimate groups of fellow taste hunters and keen foodies. Performed in English or Polish, with a personal touch. Each tour is individually customized, according to the participant interests or there chosen by the customer.
Would you like to join us? We would.


Warsaw is considered one of the most interesting destinations in Central Europe. Also because of its food scene. With experiences gained in the most acclaimed restaurants of Europe and ugh quality regional products, young generation of the chef is creating a new chapter of the culinary history of Poland, taking both from the rich heritage of Polish cuisine as well as international trends and inspirations. Together with Malgosia Minta you will dive into the bustling gastronomy scene of Warsaw. During your day you visit the most important shopping places, discover, why breakfasts are such big thing in Poland, sip on specialty coffee and taste Polish wines and spirits, enjoy both traditional, home-style cooking as well as creations of the young generation chefs, gracefully playing with Polish classics and local ingredients, giving them a new, fresh touch.


With this trip we want to show you the roots of Polish cuisine heritage – the great products and ingredients to be found within Polish borders. Join us on the route from farms and producers to tables of best restaurants, where they find their place.
During the trip you will visit one o the best organic farmers, cheese, and alcohol producers, you will learn how to bake a sourdough bread and typical Polish cheeses, saver on locally grown vegetables, fermented specialties and organic meat. And have a proper rest in a pristine forest or hidden spa retreats.

The tour is 3 to 4 day long depending on your willing. To learn more, contact our tours team